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Two of the three people whose bodies were found in a San Diego home, in what may have been a murder-suicide, have been identified as the homeowner’s teenage daughter and his longtime friend. The slain bodies were found Monday in the home of Michael Arya ...
Two missing boys were found drowned near a fairgrounds in Minnesota, officials said. The bodies of Idris Hussein, 10, and his 11-year-old friend Ahmed Hashi were located submerged in shallow water in Willmar, police said. The children had been playing ...
A deadly encounter between a grizzly bear and a bicyclist Wednesday afternoon marked the seventh grizzly fatality in the Northern Rockies since 2010. Brad Treat, a law enforcement officer with the US Forest Service, encountered the bear while mountain ...
A preliminary investigation by the San Diego County medical examiner determined that charred remains found in Potrero Wednesday are human and appear to be those of a male and female. The two sets of charred human remains were located between a couple of ...
About 99 million years ago, a hummingbird-size bird likely fought for its life after getting stuck in a glob of tree resin, but it couldn't tear itself away and eventually died, leaving its feathers to mummify in what became a lump of amber, a new study finds.
A northern Minnesota man faces a murder charge for allegedly beating and decapitating a man he believed raped his girlfriend. According to a criminal complaint, Joseph Christen Thoresen beat David Haiman with a baseball bat, stabbed him, then used a ...
A naked man who taunted and spat at the police from atop the TKTS booth in Times Square became a rush-hour distraction and a social media spectacle for nearly an hour Thursday as bystanders recorded video of his antics before he fell from his perch.
A suicide hotline struggling to assist increasing numbers of former servicemembers in crisis is being hampered by four veterans who call thousands of times per month, tying up phone lines with abusive and even vulgar comments, according to the ...
First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter. Let us count the ways in which Donald Trump lost/squandered the month of June in his race against Hillary ...
ISTANBUL -- Turkish police have detained 22 Islamic State suspects in the wake of Tuesday’s triple suicide bombing at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, according to a Turkish official. Police carried out raids on supposed ISIS safe houses in Istanbul and the ...

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