Windows® Web Hosting Maintenance

Tips to Maintain your Website.

Reset Website

The Reset Website Maintenance option will stop your website, reapply all of the configuration settings, and then restart your website. You should not need to use this option very often. If your site is showing a Service Unavailable error or a permissions error that asks for a username/password, then the Reset Website Maintenance option should be used to reset your website. It will usually take about five minutes for the Reset Website Maintenance option to complete. Your website will be unavailable during the few minutes while the reset website script is running.

If your website is currently working properly, there is no reason to use the Reset Website Maintenance option.

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Restore Files

We keep multiple backups of every website that we host. If something bad happens to your website, you can restore your website from any backup of your website that we have on file.

You can not view a version of your site before backing up to it. However, all the backup dates will be available to you even after you have reverted to a previous version.

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