Windows® Web Hosting Features

These features are available to Advance package customers.


You can select the version of PHP that you would like your website to use. For most websites, the 4.x.latest version will work best. If you use osCommerce in your website, you should select the 4.4.6.register_globals=on version, because that version enables register_globals and osCommerce requires that.

Your PHP is set at the latest version by default.

Available PHP Versions with the Advanced Hosting Package:

4.x.latest (recommended)
4.4.6.register_globals=on (for osCommerce)

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ASP.NET Versions

You can select the version of ASP.NET that you would like your website to use. The versions currently available are ASP.NET 1.1 and ASP.NET 2.0. Thes ASP.NET version should not be confused with the .NET Framework Version. We have .NET Framework Versions 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 installed. You can use the .NET Framework Versions 2.0 and 3.0 from your ASP.NET 2.0 code. We also have AJAX for ASP.NET installed.

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FrontPage Extensions

The FrontPage Server Extensions make it easy to publish a website using Microsoft FrontPage. The FrontPage Server Extensions should only be enabled if you use Microsoft FrontPage to publish your website. If you use any other tool, you should disable the FrontPage Server Extensions.

If you enable FrontPage Server Extensions, there are several other features that will not work as expected. Here is a list of the issues that we are currently aware of regarding FrontPage Server Extensions.

  • Folder permissions will be set to read only. This will cause most scripts to fail.
  • Our password protection wizard will not work properly if FrontPage is enabled.
  • Our Easy Script Setup options will not work properly. This includes our form to email, Shopping Cart, Guestbook, Search, Joomla, PHPBB, Blog, and Gallery.
  • If you update your FrontPage enabled website using FTP, the FrontPage Server Extensions will potentially break and will need to be reset.
  • Our Easy Site Writer will not work properly when FrontPage is enabled.

We encourage users to disable FrontPage Server Extensions and to publish their websites using FTP instead of using the FrontPage Server Extensions.

NOTE: turning on FrontPage Extensions will damage the content already published to the server. If you have previously uploaded content to your server please back this up before enabling or disabling the FrontPage Extensions.

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Secure SSL

Secure SSL is used to encrypt transmissions. When data is transferred using Secure SSL, it is difficult for a hacker to sniff the data. This feature is useful when accepting credit card details or other important information.

If you use a Shopping Cart, you should enable Secure SSL. When Secure SSL is enabled, you can use the Secure SSL URL in the Shopping Cart settings for accepting credit cards.

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Private SSL

If you have purchased a private SSL please contact for activation.

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