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A Wisconsin woman who gunned down her mother’s pregnant neighbor became the 10th woman ever to be added to the FBI’s “10 most wanted list” on Tuesday. Shanika S. Minor — who uses the alias Ida Jackson — is one of 509 fugitives that have been on ...
Baltimore police officers who still face trials in the death of a 25-year-old black man have filed motions to dismiss their cases, in yet another potential blow to the prosecution. Lt. Brian Rice, Sgt. Alicia White, and Officer Garrett Miller filed the ...
The murder of an 81-year-old man in a Rhode Island cemetery by an 80-year-old acquaintance stemmed from an unpaid church loan, authorities say. Edward Acquisto, who gunned down John Cloud on June 13, had taken out a "significant" loan in 2011 from a church ...
The gunman accused of rushing past White House guards while on a self-described mission to “shoot people” will stay behind bars after a judge viewed video of the thwarted May attack. Surveillance video played in court Monday showed Jesse Olivieri, a 31 ...
European leaders are meeting in Brussels (but Britain isn’t invited). Here’s what you can expect in today’s “Brexit” news: The process for choosing a new Conservative Party leader formally opens today. Nominations close at noon on Thursday.
An international research team has located a tunnel in Lithuania used by Jewish prisoners to escape Nazis during World War II, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday. The team from Israel, the U.S., Canada and Lithuania used mineral and ...
Donald Trump's high-profile trade speech Tuesday drew criticism from an unusual pair of opponents: the AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Other conservative Republicans are also questioning Trump's proposal to re-negotiate or even rip up ...
California police officers gathered to honor their fallen K9 team member on Tuesday. Police officers saluted Credo, a Belgian Malinois, as he was carried out of the animal hospital where he was pronounced dead. Credo succumbed to injuries sustained during ...
The decision by a number of well-known Republicans to leave the party because of Donald Trump's ascension to the top of the ticket could be seen as an effort to help rebuild the party, some experts say. Longtime conservative and political columnist George ...
A New York politician has an offbeat plan to combat the pressures of rising rents and displacement in his neighborhood: federally designated anti-gentrification zones. State Sen. Adriano Espaillat faces a crowded and contentious Democratic primary election ...

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