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Bundles of bills found in buckets in hidden attic compartment Miami-Dade police detectives raiding the home of a suspected marijuana trafficker unearthed an estimated $24 million in cash — mostly in bundles of $100 bills in heat-sealed bags stuffed in 24 ...
KALISPELL, Mont. – A grizzly bear attacked and killed a 38-year-old mountain biker Wednesday as he was riding along a trail just outside Glacier National Park, Montana authorities said. Brad Treat and another rider were in the Halfmoon Lakes area of the ...
Iraqi airstrikes destroyed around 200 vehicles believed to be carrying ISIS fighters fleeing one of their former strongholds — killing an unknown number of people, a senior official told NBC News on Thursday. Brig. Yahya Rasool, a spokesman for Iraq's ...
PARIS — When the bodies of Islamic State fighters are recovered on the Syrian battlefield, the passports found on them have often been stamped in Turkey, which thousands of recruits pass through on their way to join the terror group. Fighters who call ...
The husband of Christy Sheats, the Texas mom and gun advocate who killed her daughters before a police officer fatally shot her last week, told investigators his wife attempted suicide multiple times and had a documented history of mental illness.
Airstrikes by the American-led coalition against the Islamic State rocked the extremist group near the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Wednesday, killing at least 250 suspected militants and destroying at least 40 vehicles, according to media reports.
The Pentagon says that it is forgiving hundreds of thousands in debt owed to them by bomb squad employees who faced possible financial calamities because they were "overpaid." Some members of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency’s ordnance disposal team ...
Viewers settling down for a children’s movie in California were given unwelcome food for thought when they were subjected to a trailer featuring the screams of dying vegetables. A group getting ready to see “Finding Dory” at Brenden Concord 14 in the ...
LONDON – The question of who will lead Britain into its future outside the European Union — a muddled mess for nearly a week — was further scrambled on Thursday, with the camp that had favored an exit splintering into warring tribes in a development ...
Motorists on a California freeway witnessed a very bizarre police chase on Sunday -- and not surprisingly, it was caught on video. In the video posted to Twitter by user @Tonka_Boy_Dre, a man is spotted whizzing down Interstate 880 in Oakland, California ...

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