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The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has rejected a controversial solar plant proposed for the Mojave Desert’s Soda Mountains, citing concerns that the project would destroy habitat and block ancient trails used by bighorn sheep for thousands ...
Doctors Without Borders refused to help negotiate for the release of ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller, according to her parents. Marsha and Carl Mueller told ABC that the international medical aid organization was involved in the release of other prisoners but ...
An 18-year-old man was denied bail Wednesday after prosecutors said he drove over his father's head in a Buick after an argument over his father abusing his mother, prosecutors said. Tarrill Peters, 18, was charged with first-degree murder in the Feb. 13 ...
A house painter was sentenced to 38 years and 8 months to life in prison Wednesday for shooting and nearly killing Kyle Kraska, a CBS News 8 sports director, among other charges. Mike Montana, 55, had been found guilty by a jury of premeditated attempted ...
Patisha Solomon’s son, Legend Preston, has been having the same nightmare since Aug. 11 for several nights. In the dream, a group of police officers chase him down and shoot him in the leg. Unfortunately, this recurring nightmare is a reflection of his ...
INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities in Indianapolis and central Indiana blasted warnings to seek shelter Wednesday after multiple funnel clouds were reported in the area. Marion, Hamilton, Boone, Hancock and other surrounding counties were under a tornado warning ...
Donald Trump’s surrogates might want to stop pointing to the crowds he attracts as proof that he isn’t running behind Hillary Clinton. Although Trump conceded earlier this month that “maybe crowds don’t make the difference,” he often brags about ...
ISTANBUL — Turkey mounted its largest military effort yet in the Syrian conflict on Wednesday, sending tanks, warplanes and special operations forces over the border in a United States-backed drive to capture an Islamic State stronghold in Syria.
A tropical wave that's spinning in the Caribbean is forecast to strengthen and could hit both Florida and the sodden Gulf Coast over the next few days, possibly as a hurricane, meteorologists say. The system has a 60% chance of developing into a ...
The success of women in Olympic sports can be tied to the opportunities available in their home countries. Women won more total medals than men in 29 countries that participated in the 2016 Rio Games and at least one other Summer Olympics. Each line below ...

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