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Authorities in Seattle arrested a man Monday after they said he threatened a bouncer with a spear and threw a “sharp, black, Batman-style throwing star” at a police vehicle. Police said the “Batarang” was embedded in the lower front end of their SUV.
Nearly 70 people were arrested as officers cleared demonstrators from the street in front of the Minnesota governor’s mansion, police in St. Paul said Wednesday. Demonstrators have been camping outside the governor’s residence since July 7, a day after ...
WikiLeaks has released a stash of voicemails from the Democratic National Committee, with several complaints about Bernie Sanders. The organization, which rocked the Democratic National Convention’s opening after releasing emails that revealed the party ...
A retired NYPD lieutenant was arrested for cutting off his ex-wife’s car in Staten Island, then slashed her neck, officials said Wednesday. This is the second time Vincent Curulli, 49, has been charged with abusing his former spouse, who is a retired ...
John W. Hinckley Jr., will be released from a government psychiatric hospital more than 35 years after he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan and shot three others outside the Washington Hilton on March 30, 1981, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
The sudden flash of a red light camera in the rear-view mirror can certainly put a damper on a driver's day. But those pesky cameras might have saved lives, a non-profit says. Cities that switched off their red light cameras between 2010 and 2014 saw a 30 ...
(CNN)The Democratic Party gathered in Philadelphia on Wednesday for the third night of its convention, and CNN's Reality Check Team put the speakers' statements and assertions to the test. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened ...
A Florida judge dismissed a manslaughter charge Wednesday against a sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a man carrying an unloaded air rifle — finding the officer was justified in using deadly force under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. Prosecutors ...
Mobile Bases a Backbone in Fighting Wildfires As flames from a raging wildfire raced down mountainsides last weekend toward houses tucked in canyons north of Los Angeles, a sprawling high school campus was transformed into a firefighting supply base, the ...
PHILADELPHIA ― Tim Kaine delivered a blistering critique of Donald Trump in a speech Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, delighting the crowd and defying the low expectations set by the Hillary Clinton campaign all week. Kaine was ...

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