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French President Francois Hollande stands at attention as he leads a ceremony to pay a national homage to the victims of the Paris attacks at Les Invalides monument in ParisA subdued France paid homage Friday to those killed two weeks ago in the attacks that gripped Paris in fear and mourning, honoring each of the 130 dead by name as the president pledged to “destroy the ...

People look at merchandise while holiday shopping at Best Buy on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015, in Panama City, Fla. Early numbers aren’t out yet on how many shoppers headed to stores on Thanksgiving, but it’s expected that more than three times the number of people will venture out to shop on the day after the holiday known as Black Friday. (Patti Blake/News Herald via AP) MANDATORY CREDITShoppers began feasting on deals on Thanksgiving, but just how hungry they'll remain is yet to be seen.

Passengers on a British Airways plane that caught fire taking off from Las Vegas in September are suing the makers of the plane and its engines in Chicago, their lawyers said on Friday. The engine of the Boeing 777 burst into flames, forcing all 170 passengers and crew to escape via emergency slides, after a part of a spool in the high-pressure compressor failed, according to findings from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Now 65 passengers from the United States, Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Germany are seeking damages from Boeing and engine maker GE for pain, suffering, emotional stress as well as financial losses, law firm Stewarts Law said in a statement.
On one of the busiest U.S. retails days, a rally is planned for Chicago's most prestigious downtown shopping district to protest last year's shooting death of a black teenager by a white policeman and the city's handling of the case. The march on Chicago's "Magnificent Mile" on the Black Friday shopping day was organized by activist-politician Jesse Jackson and several state elected officials. Organizers said the rally would be a show of outrage over the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, 17, and what they see as racial bias in U.S. policing.

Pierre Stokes, father of shooting victim Tyshawn Lee, speaks to reporters in ChicagoThe killing of Tyshawn Lee on Nov. 2 cast a national spotlight on a jump in violent crime in one of the country's largest cities, at a time when Chicago police have come under fire for what their critics say is a culture of racial bias. Police, who did not publicly identify the suspect, have said the crime was linked to a rivalry between Lee's father, a suspected gang member, and another group. Like a number of other U.S. cities, Chicago has seen a rise in violence this year.

Obama has been laying the groundwork for years ahead of the U.N. climate change summit.

There have been no concrete plots against the U.S. after the Paris attacks, officials say.

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