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Perhaps it takes no time at all as was the case when they won six of their eight post-Olympic games with the two losses in Connecticut and Chicago by a combined three points. In almost every conceivable metric, the Lynx are a cut above the rest of the league.
(CNN)For eight years, Brian Browne preserved an American flag in a storage trunk and the freezer of his Everett, Washington, home -- unaware it was a piece of history. The unknown treasure was the iconic flag that New York City three firefighters hoisted ...
Arrest made in 26 year old murder case of Cape Coral residents Robin Cornell, 11, and Lisa Story,32. Andrew West/ FORT MYERS, Fla. — Although Jan Cornell never stopped hoping for closure in the brutal 1990 murders of her daughter Robin ...
Chechnya’s newly elected strongman leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has sought to weed out challenges to his rule. Supporters say his iron fist approach is needed to maintain peace in Chechnya after two brutal wars and the threat of militants, including those ...
Under a newly-signed peace deal to end Colombia's war, women who have been raped by military forces or rebel fighters may expect to have the crimes against them investigated by a special unit. The accord between the government and rebel Revolutionary Armed ...
In a sign of growing interest in Los Angeles County as a major biomedical hub, the California Life Sciences Assn. has opened an office in Monrovia. It also this week announced partnerships with two organizations in the L.A. region — LA BioMed, a ...
An Ohio dog groomer was collared last week for allegedly hiring a hitman to zap her estranged husband in the middle of their divorce. Shelly Ann Carter, 42, offered an assassin $1,000 and a car to slay her 44-year-old hubby but the hitman had a change of ...
The University of Michigan yesterday unveiled a new webpage that allows students to choose their preferred pronouns, including “they” and “ze.” Preferred pronouns will appear on class rosters, and if professors accidentally use the wrong pronoun ...
WAUKESHA, Wisconsin — If Hillary Clinton was trying to bait Donald Trump on Monday night at Hofstra University by trying to launch a new feud based on his past inflammatory comments about women, it seems to have worked. Two days later, Trump is openly ...
GREENVILLE, S.C. — The details were few, but some emerged Wednesday about the Townville Elementary teacher and two students shot by a teenage gunman. The teacher, Meghan Hollingsworth, was released from AnMed hospital later Wednesday afternoon along ...

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