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Crews found four boaters -- including two children -- who were reported missing Tuesday night when they didn't return from a snorkeling trip off Key West, Florida.
The internet fell in love with a Tennessee woman who clapped back at a racist server who hurled the N-word at a group of customers in an offensive Snapchat. Chelsea Mayes and four of her friends headed to a Murfreesboro Cheddar’s location after Sunday ...
One person was killed and eight others were injured Wednesday night when a car plowed into a Los Angeles house full of mostly elderly people conducting a Bible study meeting and prayer group. Authorities are looking for the woman who drove the car and fled ...
The story of how Ensaf Haidar met her husband, Raif Badawi, is an unusual meet-cute. In 2000, Ms. Haidar was a cloistered young woman studying the Quran in a small town in Saudi Arabia, where she lived with her family and rarely interacted with men.
Paul Simon was supposed to play a three-song set on stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Monday night. But the overall program ran long and they still had to get Michelle Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders on stage. On the fly, time ...
Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook on Thursday blasted Donald Trump for calling on Russia a day earlier to track down Hillary Clinton's 30,000 missing emails. "Inviting a foreign power that has, that is an aggressor at times towards the U.S. to ...
President Barack Obama on Wednesday night told Americans they face a stark choice in November ― an unusual election that has raised “fundamental” questions “about who we are as a people,” and pitted one of the most qualified candidates in history ...
GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, whose eventual electoral domestication seems to be forever around the next corner, pivoted back in the direction of the surreal and reprehensible Wednesday morning at a press conference in Doral, Florida. And once ...
HOUSTON — A man is dead after shooting himself during a police chase in Houston overnight, police said. According to Houston police, officers Wednesday night stopped a man near Interstate 45, also known as the Gulf Freeway. As police approached the ...
BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged Thursday to do "everything humanly possible" to ensure security in Germany following a string of attacks — including two carried out by asylum-seekers and claimed by ISIS. Merkel promised to do everything to ...

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